450 Kč

The idea of MATTO is to produce a new fresh independent magazine as a real crossover between
‘art-design-literature-photography-fashion-sex’. Created by Aldo Buscalferri and Dominika
Hadelova, based in Paris, who wanted to avoid defining this magazine too much, preferring it to
be fluid and in constant development.

In this first issue, a 24-page portfolio of ARAKI NOBUYOSHI; a studio visit with a young Japanese
artist MASAHO ANOTANI in Kokubunji; a conversation with Athens/Kiev-based future urban
strategies research duo METASITU; an interview with Swiss-Chilean shoe designer NINA
CHRISTEN, formerly working for Celine; non-fiction by Irish writer MARIA FUSCO; a home visit
with HARSH PAREKH, working at Maison Lesage in embroidery; photography by CLAIRE
COTTRELL from Los Angeles; an interview with Scottish installation artist CLAIRE BARCLAY on
unusual materials; a reportage of a kinky soiree Department-H in Tokyo by SAKIKO NOMURA; an
interview with METAHAVEN on their new video work; collages by MAKOTO ORUI, the former art
director of Purple magazine; a studio visit with experimental designer MARLENE HUISSOUD; text
and photography by Serbian designer ANA KRAS; an interview with ANJA CRONBERG, the
founder of revue Vestoj on sartorial matters; a series of photography by ALICE SCHILLACI; a
reportage from LA TOILETTE, a creative clubbing soiree in Paris; a special design feature by
THESEUS CHAN from WORK/WERK Singapore; photography by CHRIS KONTOS, the founder of
Kennedy magazine, and more.