Founded in 2008, THE ROOM BY BASMATEE is a concept store located in Prague, Czech Republic, focused on niche menswear fashion, accessories, fragrance and lifestyle products. We cultivate a curatorial approach to buying and presenting and focus on handpicking products of high quality, durability and design standard, with a story and cultural relevance. Our vision and ethos which underpin all our activities originate from the belief that clothing is a reflection of unique personal identity, opinion and approach to life. 
Our selection combines timeless classics with items expressing the creative visions of designers responding to the contemporary cultural climate and trends. Featuring both international and local brands, our portfolio focuses on bringing predominantly Scandinavian and French brands and presenting them to the local scene, while aiming to support and pioneer local upcoming brands and designers and serve as a platform enabling them to reach a wider audience.

(photo Adam Katz Sinding - London 2017)